1. Place Your Concentrates in the silicone nectar collector

You can pick any cannabis concentrate to dab with a nectar collector or dab straw! Wax, break, budder, rosin or oil, and so on. Yet, never put a lot on the quartz dish, you would need to put enough for each dab in turn, attempting to get the cannabis thinks out of the quartz dish and back to your concentrate container can be an undeniable irritation.

2. Fill The Body With Water For Filtration.

Much the same as any dab apparatus or water pipe(bongs), the nectar collectors will require water for filtration and chilling off the temperature of the fume.


Cover as a primary concern that not all the nectar collector sets are intended to have filtration highlights, similar to the 14mm silicone nectar authority, for instance, the body of the set highlights a straw-like cylinder that won't give any filtration, it's the best when you're doing low-temperature dabs.

3. Associate The Quartz Tip/Titanium Tip And The Mouthpiece To The Body.


Pick your preferred sort of tip for use! The 10mm small scale nectar authority unit accompanies two warming tips, the quartz one and the titanium one, as the name infers, the joint size of these tips are both 10mm male tips.


4. Utilize A Butane Torch Or Enail Coil To Heat The Tip.


On this progression, you'll have to get the tip of your nectar authority warmed up to your ideal temperature for dabs.


5. Put The Tip Against The Concentrates Then Inhale.


When you wrapped up the nail/tip, place it delicately on the quartz dish or other warmth tolerant compartment containing your cannabis concentrates, utilize your mouth to breathe in through the mouthpiece.


Oil Slick is committed to giving the best-esteemed nectar collectors for dabbers everywhere throughout the world with free transporting administration.

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